Company Valuation

A grounded valuation can avoid many mistakes in business transactions. With a long standing experience in advising SMEs in financing and valuation decisions, Abbau Capital can help you establish a realistic valuation for your business or the business you envisage to take over.

Private equity and private debt valuation are also key for determining  investment performance. Abbau Capital can help you evaluate performance, risk, liquidity and value in various less liquid investment situations.

Financial Training Workshops

Based on extensive practical experience, courses are exclusively conceived as workshops, providing hands-on practical exercices for professionals. However old-fashioned, understanding numbers and calculus and combining them with rapid decision-making is of significant importance in finance. Our courses will always prefer a spreadsheet example or a case study to a series of slides with fastidious explanations. 

Workshops allow an immersion in real life situations with a safety net. It is called training.


15 000 years of human history have tought us one thing: going by the rules is more economical and pays off better in the end. In other words, trying to cut corners, be they regulatory or technical, is never profitable in the long run. This is how we conceive governance and this is what we stand for in the boards we attend or advise.