The case of Hedge Fund ETFs – June 2016

H. Markowitz publishes “Portfolio Selection” in 1952 and “creates” MPT.

W. Sharpe advocates for a single “market” portfolio in his CAPMĀ  in 1964.

B.G. Malkiel publishes ” A random walk down Wall Street” in 1974.

J.C. Bogle/Vanguard create the first Index tracker in 1975.

MSCI issue the first factor-based indices in 1998.

Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs look for hedge fund replication factors by 2004 -05.

By 2009, many institutions have already gone to HF strategy indices. publishes a HF benchmark and studies show that 85% of HF performance can be replicated, the remaining 15% vanishing in fees.

HF holdings are likely to evolve towards core (HF replica) – satellite (single HF) holdings of a new type.

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